The benefits of the Open Compute Project

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August 3, 2018
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The benefits of the Open Compute Project

OCP adoption is growing despite the minor doubts, the amount of innovation occurring around OCP is staggering, and its cost-saving credentials are difficult to challenge, below are just some of the benefits that come from transitioning to the Open Compute Project.

  • Environmentally sustainable– Uses up to 50% less energy for servers.
  • Cost effective– Significant cost savings in the operation of the data centre can be achieved due to the time it takes to install each rack, and ongoing maintenance is far less costly.
  • CAPEX savings– There is a CAPEX saving when building a new data centre that is optimised for OCP, because software provides the key to resilience rather than hardware redundancy. This is up to 50% lower than a traditional Tier III enterprise data centre.
  • Fast implementation– Installation is 250 times faster than traditional data centre installations.
  • Better support levels– Just one server support technician can manage up to 40,000 server nodes.
  • Quick fix times– It takes a maximum of 160 seconds to change any server component and 80% of other components in just 60 secs and all this without tools.
  • Safer working conditions– No rear rack maintenance is required, means technicians are working in safer conditions, rather than the 40+ degrees centigrade, that is the norm in the hot aisle of a traditional data centre.
  • Greater control– Open source hardware is provided by ODMs, so there is no vendor lock in.
  • More flexibility– No longer locked into a manufacturer’s ecosystem, for example you can mix switches from different manufacturers in a network, and also use whatever network operating system (NOS) suits your application in a white box switch, as the hardware and software is disaggregated.

The benefits that Open Compute provides, are driving many organisations to seriously start to consider this as a viable option for their businesses. The points listed above are just the start and there is significant added value to adopting an OCP data centre with massive cost savings in comparison to building a traditional Tier III or Tier IV facility.

To learn more, download our latest ‘Scaling New Heights’ whitepaper that explores the OCP revolution and why it is a very real alternative to traditional data centre infrastructure strategy, please click here.

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