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Taking the stress out of your project

Whenever it’s time to build out a project, Inflectiontech Data Centre Facility Project Management Services have you covered every step of the way.

With over 70 years of combined experience our Project Managers collaborate with end users to determine the overall scope of the project both from the technical standpoint and then collaborating with the designers and contractors to determine the resources needed to complete the project.

Project management allows end users, facility managers and Data Centre operators to focus on their own business instead of worrying about conference calls, onsite meetings, logistics, and delivering a project on time.


Whether designing a Data Centre, building out a white space, or planning to upgrade IT equipment and racks there are several crucial steps that go into successfully completing the entire project.

When a business uses in-house staff to manage a project, the risk of having an issue with the project increases. Between their existing daily business activities and managing the project plan, in-house staff can be easily overwhelmed with work. Should a mistake happen in the project plan, a company could easily incur increased costs and project delays, not to mention frustrated team members

By utilising Inflectiontech’s Data Centre Facility Project Management Services, end users, facility managers and data centre operators are protected from a myriad of problems. Our Data Centre Facility project managers provide a structured and standardised approach to build outs and deliver successful projects by the detailed management of the three building blocks of a project: time, cost and quality. Project managers have valuable insight and experience from multiple builds that will lower the project risks and facilitate a predictable outcome. Using a project manager’s expertise will lower project costs, expedite project timelines, and ensure that quality control is introduced every step of the way to a successful handover.


The benefits of InflectionTech's Data Centre Facility Project Management include:

  • Taking away the headache from in-house staff.
  • Completing projects more quickly.
  • Reducing overall project costs.
  • Getting a more predictable and efficient outcome the first time, through better planning.
  • Mitigating risks before they occur.
  • Consistent and clear communication from a single-point of contact between clients, contractors, distributors and Data Centre operators to ensure project success
  • Improved financial management by managing the schedule and resources, such as minimising overtime and escorting arrangements.

We can transform your data centre by delivering project management services tailored to your every requirement

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