Open Compute Project

The future of data centre management

Innovation and sustainability is at the forefront of all our solutions, that’s why we are proud to be advocates of the Open Compute Project (OCP).

A revolutionary open community of technology leaders that focuses on promoting efficiencies in the data centre through the use of open source hardware and software, which supports the growing demands of centralised cloud computing infrastructure and also at the Edge.

The adoption of OCP opens up a whole new world of possibilities for data centre build outs. By deploying Open Racks densely populated with open source IT gear, it will deliver high levels of energy efficiency, hardware efficiency, scalability and flexibility. Ultimately, it’s about providing a cost effective and viable alternative to the traditional Data Centre set up, using open source technology.

Promoting hardware efficiencies in the Data Centre

Transforming current facilities and building out new Data Centres is the core focus of our business, we provide consultancy and project management services to enterprises, telcos, and Data Centre operators that provide cutting-edge hosting, cloud computing and high performance computing environments (HPC).

We assist our customers with accommodating open source designed IT equipment within their facilities that are aligned with the principals of OCP. The principles of OCP focus on:

  • Efficiency – efficient design that include all aspects such as power delivery and thermal efficiency.
  • Scale – this means the technology is designed with the right supporting features to allow for its maintenance in large scale deployments.
  • Openness – providing a solution that is compatible with existing OCP contributions.
  • Impact – the design must create a meaningful and positive impact within the OCP ecosystem by introducing new technologies that are valuable for scale out computing.
  • All of these elements are key drivers in every solution that we deploy.

    The goal of OCP is to share best practices in design efficiencies via open standards to help IT organisations lower costs. In addition, OCP has a vision to deliver hyperscale-inspired design practices to the masses, like Tier 2 & Tier 3 enterprises and smaller-scale cloud service providers.

Benefits of OCP

An Open Compute Project provides:

Faster deployments and cost-effective delivery

There’s so much to consider as part of a Data Centre build – there’s the structural aspects such as delivery access, floor load specification, along with cooling, electrical systems, structured cabling and network architecture too. If not considered in detail and any subsequent issues addressed correctly, these elements can significantly delay the project and escalate the deployment costs for any Data Centre.

The OCP community through the work of the data center project which Inflectiontech are playing a leading role in, is addressing these issues to share best practice and to help colo operators and their tenants avoid costly scenarios. The Colocation facility guidelines document for Open Compute Racks provides a useful guide to the requirements for accommodating the latest Open Rack designs.

Is your Data Centre optimised for OCP?
Download the Colocation Facility Guidelines for Open Racks Checklist



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