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Your trusted Data Centre partner

Inflectiontech specialise in planning and managing the delivery of best in class data centre builds, white space build outs, upgrades and migrations.

We help to drive efficiencies to deliver cost effective projects that are scalable, resilient, sustainable and provide a meaningful and positive impact for the customer. Since 1987, our experienced team of consulting engineers and project managers combine 70 years on industry experience, helping thousands of businesses with their mission-critical IT Infrastructure.

Enterprises from many different market sectors and leading Cloud computing providers, have benefited from our wealth of experience. Our specialism is in providing transformation services for data centres wishing to deploy Open Compute Project Open Rack designs.

What we do

If you are exploring a new data centre build, an upgrade to an existing Enterprise Data Centre or building out a co-location facility we can help.

Our Data Centre consultancy and project management services can be delivered as a stand-alone project or as part of a larger Data Centre transformation programme for HPC or Cloud computing. We work with many enterprises, cloud computing, managed service providers and public-sector organisations to deliver key elements of their projects.

Why we do it?

InflectionTech is passionate about environmental sustainability and every project we work on has that ethos guiding it.

We are advocates of the Open Compute Project (OCP). It’s our mission to enable the implementation of OCP designs and the benefits of open source hardware to the wider IT community that will drive efficiencies and then help increase the pace of innovation in, near and around the Data Centre and the internet of Things (IoT) to ensure global environmental sustainability for the future.


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