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August 17, 2018
Scaling New Heights

The benefits of the Open Compute Project

OCP adoption is growing despite the minor doubts, the amount of innovation occurring around OCP is staggering, and its cost-saving credentials are difficult to challenge, below are just some of the benefits that come from transitioning to the Open Compute Project. Environmentally sustainable– Uses up to 50% less energy for servers. Cost effective– Significant cost savings in the operation of the data centre can be achieved due to the time it takes to install each rack, and ongoing maintenance is far less costly. CAPEX savings– There is a CAPEX saving when building a new data centre that is optimised for OCP, because software provides the key to resilience rather than hardware redundancy. This is up to 50% lower than a traditional Tier III enterprise data centre. Fast implementation– Installation is 250 times faster than traditional data centre installations. Better support levels– Just one server support technician can manage up to 40,000 server nodes. Quick fix times– It takes a maximum of 160 […]
August 3, 2018
Open Compute Project

The challenges ahead for OCP

The concept of OCP is disruptive and it is not always a popular option with some of the incumbent IT manufacturers, because it does away with the idea of proprietary hardware, and locks a customer into closed and often costly contracts, which is obviously what they prefer. This is why many CEOs and CFOs will not even have heard OCP mentioned before. But, now is the time to start asking questions and ensuring your IT department (if you have one) are up to speed on OCP. While it might not be an option for every single company, there are certainly many firms out there that would benefit from the innovation and growth potential connected to OCP that they are currently missing out on. The fact is OCP is disruptive because it is going to impact a lot of service provider business models, as it is going to affect their bottom line because a large percentage of their revenue is based […]
July 19, 2018
Facebook OCP data centre

A revolution in IT infrastructure with the Open Compute Project

As software application demands continue to grow and more pressure is put on an organisation’s IT infrastructure, companies from all sectors are looking to find the most cost-effective solution to keep them running efficiently, handle the vast amounts of data they are creating, while allowing them to scale and grow. Some will have never even heard of the Open Compute Project (OCP), let alone considered it as an option. Yet it could be the answer to all their prayers. Back in 2009, a fast-growing social media platform known as Facebook, realised that it needed to come up with an infrastructure solution that would support an unprecedented influx of new users and data, and fast, because a period of intense growth was on the cards. But this solution also needed to take energy consumption into account and keep costs down. Facebook decided that the only way they could achieve this was to take control over every part of the system in […]
July 9, 2018
OCP Rack

What is the Open Compute Project?

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on computing infrastructure. OCP, whilst still in its infancy is gaining momentum and many big brands such as Nokia, Tencent, Google and Facebook are all championing this revolutionary movement. The four OCP technology principles With OCP there is a consistent drive for excellence to ensure a level of consistency in all technology contributions. These are: Efficiency OCP contributions must have an efficient design, whether this is thermal efficiency, reduction in costs/latencies or power delivery and conversion. Scale OCP contributions must be scalable, meaning the technology is designed with the right supporting features to allow for its maintenance in large scale deployments. Openness OCP contributions must be open and strive to comply with a set of already existing open interfaces, at the very least able to provide one. Impact OCP contributions must create meaningful positive impact within the OCP ecosystem. All […]


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