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A data centre build or upgrade can be take up a huge amount of resource in terms of the planning, management and deployment. It’s even more a minefield when you are trying to avoid the most common mistakes that can be costly and delay your data centre going live.
Innovation is at the forefront of all our solutions. We are advocates of the Open Compute Programme (OCP), which promotes hardware efficiencies in the data centre through open source technology and software, which supports the growing demands of cloud computing infrastructure.
OCP opens a whole new range of possibilities providing fully populated racks and high power conversion efficiency at much lower price point. We specialise in the transformation of Data Centres traditionally built, but with the need to accommodate Open Compute Project Open Racks. The Data Centre infrastructure that is designed and the subsequent build-out project managed by Inflectiontech, provides the optimum operating conditions for mission-critical IT equipment to ensure that risks are minimised and your business systems are available when you need them.

We can assist with:

The benefits of Open Source Data Centres:

  • Speedier deployment & maintenance of racks and IT Gear
  • High performance
  • Resilience
  • Sustainability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Greater flexibility and freedom
  • Lower Capex to build out
  • Lower Opex to maintain

Have you outgrown your data centre? Do you need to refresh your white space physical infrastructure?

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